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Getting To Know The Brand

Hello my name is feliceford owner of Frankykarmen /Elizabeth Rae LLC I began on this journey because I want to give myself a platform for me to help women children and anyone that need someone to believe in not like normal business owners that get to where they going and for get about the little people. most of all my daughter my funds my nieces my nephews and most of all my mom from the childish regression that I had a girlfriend childhood traumas from being molested from getting a domestic use relationships getting pregnant in high school to be getting married find out my husband is just the person for second father who was my first domestic relationship my husband became my second during my second child's father I was homeless due to a house fire and getting married having three beautiful children with my husband but giving myself beat during the whole 5 years of our relationship cheated on and some more minutes and burping with you even though I lost my older cousin in a domestic relationship where her child's father shot her and killed her you would think that I wouldn't have fell into the same situation. I would have saw the red flags well like I said love is truly want I really didn't want to see the red flags I've been knowing my husband since I was 12 so I didn't want to believe that he could become this ruthless and heartless narcissist. But he did but there is a saving Grace with me losing everybody is go to my car one of my sons I became to read fall in love with myself and what truly makes me happy it's always been my passion for clothes that was the one time in my life I always feel free when I was going our planning someone's party because there was for a second you get experience true happens. Actually believe in love and that level conquers all planning wedding dresses gets me to see what a glimpse of Love looks like whenever a bride put on that wedding dress they are silently screaming to the world how much they are in love and being able to be a part of that special moment and that woman's life is truly a blessing in itself most companies are doing for personal and games but I am standing as an honor to be a part of something so sacred me making custom wedding dress is a gift to those brides to hire me saying thank you for letting be a part of your special day and that goes the same for when we plant each wedding so you asked me why I became a business owner I don't see myself as always I see myself as a helping friend because I treat all my clients and family if you truly can help me find funny for my company and recognition our truly appreciate your time and after again thank you for your time thank you for your time Frankykarmen

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1 Comment

Rayna Jennings
Rayna Jennings
Apr 04, 2023

You are a phenomenal strong woman and God bless you💜💙🙏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾💙💜⚘️

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